Children are the biggest blessing and can also be the biggest pain at times…lets be honest these little angels can really test our patience at times. In order to cultivate good manners and habits in them we need to discipline them from a young age. I know I know, the […]

Encouraging Good Behaviour With Reward and Recognition

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Vegan makeup works just like any other makeup, providing colour and coverage for any makeup enthusiast. Vegan makeup products come with the reassurance and promise that they are void of animal ingredients and animal testing.   If you’ve never turned over your cosmetics to read the ingredients listings (as tiny […]

Why you should switch to vegan makeup

Us womenfolk are notoriously known by our male counterparts to whinge, moan, complain and bitch …Come on let’s be real here, sadly it’s true! Generally speaking, I repeat generally speaking women are able to turn a perfectly ordinary situation in to super hit Bollywood drama. Women can really influence the […]

Be Positive

If you have more than one child you will be familiar with the words ‘it’s my turn’, ‘he isn’t giving me’, ‘give it back’ ‘it’s mine’ or words to that effect. Yes I feel your pain sisters, it’s frustrating and honestly at times you feel more like a referee than […]

How To Cultivate Love Between Siblings

While I was growing up I always wondered why people wouldn’t always reciprocate my kindness, why didn’t I get the same in return…. Over the years I worked it out, by learning about our blessed deen and trying to emulate our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his noble character. I […]

That Is Why…

Negative thinking is generally just a bad habit. Training your mind to see good in everything will be one of the best steps you can take in creating a happy and content life. It’s so much easier to give in to negative thinking and live your life blaming, hating and […]

Train Your Mind To See Good In Every Situation

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My daughter Aliza rode her bike for the first time yesterday without her stabilisers, she was so happy and proud of herself. I was equally proud of her as was my husband, to see her beaming with confidence bought us so much happiness. I think riding a bike is such […]

Teaching Your Child How To Ride A Bike

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The world is full of wonders, beauty, curiosity, change, life, history, religion, diversity….There is so much to know, to learn, to become, so much to ponder on, so much to help satiate our ever wondering minds. The only way to open up your mind unlocking the these invaluable gems of […]

10 Benefits Of Regularly Reading To Your Child

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Stop admiring other people’s green grass & beautiful gardens and start working on your own! You’ve all heard the expression ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ right? Well I want to elaborate on this since it’s something I’ve recently been thinking about. We all have a tendency to […]

Stop Admiring The Green Grass On The Other Side

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I just got back from my daughters sports day when I wrote this on Thursday, her school had to cancel it on Tuesday due to the heat wave. I am so glad they managed to re-arrange today before the holidays. It was such a lovely sunny day, light breeze and […]

Mums lets stop being judgemtal