Be Positive


Us womenfolk are notoriously known by our male counterparts to whinge, moan, complain and bitch …Come on let’s be real here, sadly it’s true! Generally speaking, I repeat generally speaking women are able to turn a perfectly ordinary situation in to super hit Bollywood drama. Women can really influence the whole household environment, the relationship between extended family & friends, the way that everything is understood, including the husbands understanding of situations and people too.

The way we interpret situations, people and scenarios is a clear manifestation of our mindset and our hearts.


Think of any situation in your life that slightly frustrates you… Now let’s put on our positive chashma/glasses (as my hubby says), look again… See anything differently?

Make excuses, look at the situation in a positive light, give it another chance… You only get one chance in this thing called life, one shot, one time and that’s it…it’s over! Live a life that’s positive, loving meaningful… Try your best, if you mess up, don’t worry it will happen …just try again. It isn’t easy but you will get there Insha’Allah.

Encourage your family, brothers, sisters, elders to think positively too. Whatever you talk about or focus your energy on continuously over long periods of time gradually becomes a big part of you, reminding others also means you are constantly reminding yourself too.

Having a positive mindset means happiness, empowerment, liberation from hate and an invitation to love and peace… Insha’Allah. May Allah سبحانه و تعالى guide us in our endeavours.

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